Small enough to care...big enough to cope.

We are a niche business focussed on End 2 End Supply Chain Design and the associated areas of Supply Chain Strategy Development and International Sourcing in the FMCG Industry segment. We have a deep knowledge and specialist skills developed primarily while working in and for Unilever (a global company with a turnover in excess of €50 billion) leading the Supply Chain Design team.


Research by David and Strang (2006) concluded, The expertise in niche consultancies allows them to produce more reliable and successful work than the generalist consultancies that will bid for a project without necessarily having the skills in place to support it.” Generalist consultants offer a wider variety of services because when one type of work dries up, they offer something else to balance the loss. For this reason, many of these consultancies employ “generalist” consultants who have easily transferable skills.


We have an associated based business model. This is common for niche players. More than 80% of consultancies in the US in 2008 employed less than 4 people. It also maximises value for the client as there are few overheads. The potential downside is the availability of resources including client facing consultants particularly when managing multiple or very large projects. In the case of Supply Chain Designz Ltd we have established agreements with associates, tried and tested working in, or for, Unilever and consequently have access to more than 30 experienced staff in both client facing and back office roles if required. In addition our Network includes expertise in many other functions allowing us to draw on a vast array of associated skills. For more information on our associates then click here.



We believe that strategy and a full understanding of the financial trade-offs inherent in the strategy gives companies the framework to win. People often talk about whether strategy or execution is more important. They tend to associate strategy with analysis and execution with getting things done. The reality is that companies who win in the market place have both great strategies and flawless execution. Having a good strategy alone isn’t enough to win, but the ability to execute well depends on how good your strategy is and how well it’s understood by everyone in the organisation.


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