Does it ever feel like you are spinning plates just waiting for one to slow down and fall?  Product launches, down-trading, promotions, mergers, acquisitions, collaboration opportunities, sustainability, new technology, competitor actions, customer demands...the number of challenges facing the supply chain seems endless.  In addition, the board seem to be continually asking for more savings and cash from inventory or squeezed capital budgets to fuel growth. 


You know that there is a better way, but find it difficult to keep the plates spinning while at the same time, take a step back and create a new vision for the supply chain and a prioritised road map of activities to take you there.


The need to revisit the Supply Chain Strategy or Supply Chain Design is driven by change.  Change arises from decisions taken with the company or as a result of change in the external environment.  Let's face it, if you sell the same products to the same customers, who have the same expectations, in a stable socioeconomic and competitive environment, then last year's strategy and supply chain design will probably suffice. So when was the last time that happened?


In the short video below, we talk about some of the symptoms of a supply  chain  which needs a strategic review and  which have prompted companies to revisit their supply chain strategy and supply chain design.


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