So what can you typically expect from End 2 End Supply Chain Design.  Supply chain costs can be reduced by up to 15%. Differentiating customer service can lead to an inventory reduction of up to 40% and customer service levels in excess of 99%, depending upon the nature of the product segmentation. The case studies above give an indication of the scale of the results achieved.


For Supply Chain Strategy the goal is to define the core competencies required in the supply chain to deliver competitive advanatage. There is a strong linkage with supply chain design.  


Finally the benefits of Inter-market Sourcing are part of an End 2 End Supply Chain Design where one of the replenishment options is long lead time sourcing to provide contingency bandwidth or to lower manufacturing costs and gross capital employed.

In addition to those benefits which will aid growth, save cost or save time, there is the added benefit you get from having a clearly defined road map of actions to improve the physical supply chain and the capabilities deployed within the supply chain. This gives the potential to transform your ways of working between functions, suppliers and customers while creating true interdependence focussed on a common goal.


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